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Original Team

Victor Cora Nazario (CoProducer)
Israel Nieves (1 season)
Monalisa Arias (musician)
Malia Murray (3 seasons)
Ian Couch (1 season)


Fresia Blanco
Kasey Chau
Cassie Calvert
Amber Lee
Yansy Cordon

Original Contributors

Xai & Niphasone Xouphom
Sowande Tichawonna

Monda Webb
Dara Stieglitz
Sarah Martin
Skip Muller
Marcela Ferlito Walder
Guayi Landia
Bev Nerenberg
Lowell Nerenberg
Andrea Ford
Randy Taussig
Akia Garnett

Distribution Channels

AIM Arlington Independent Media (Virginia)
GATE Greenbelt Access Television (Maryland)
MyMCMedia Montgomery Community Media (Maryland)
Fairfax Public Access Television (Virginia)
BRIC Arts Media (New York City)

*Streaming Globally via Akyumen TV (Spring 2017)

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